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Live Chocolate's Passion

Our Chocolate 

Our cork-shaped chocolates are one of our specialities, 
available in a range of local flavours:

Pink wrapping: raspberry 
Green wrapping: pear 
Black and gold wrapping: calvados 
Purple and silver wrapping: popping dark chocolate 
Green and silver wrapping: popping milk chocolate 
Gold wrapping: Marc de Champagne 
Silver wrapping: Fine de Marne (brandy) 
Red wrapping: milk chocolate praline 
Blue wrapping: dark chocolate praline 
Brown wrapping: Ratafia

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chocolate gifts

Why not personalise your chocolates for your company or association using a photo, lettering or logo?

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Our Ganache

Discover our chocolates made with creme fraiche flavoured chocolate:

Pistachio, coffee, vanilla, raspberry, Grand Marnier, caramel, chestnut, pear, mint, lemon, Marc de Champagne, chocolate nibs or simply plain.

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Our Pralines

A mouth-watering blend of hazelnuts and caramelised almonds, crushed into a smooth and crunchy paste. Noix (nut), Amandes (almond), Pervanche (periwinkle), Giandujas (gianduja), Nougat (nougat), Deux Pralinés (two pralines), Pate d’amande MARC de champagne (Marc de Champagne flavoured marzipan), Feuilletine, Palerme (Palermo), Noix de Coco (coconut) and Noisetine (hazelnut).

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Custom-made and moulded 
just for you

We can create custom-made chocolate moulds upon request, so you get exactly the chocolate you want.

Perfect for celebrations, special occasions or personalised with your own message.

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Our Chardon Liqueurs

Delicious liqueur chocolates coated with white chocolate. Each flavour has its own colour :

 Chartreuse liqueur, Raspberry, Kirsch , Pear

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Our 3D Chocolates

Thanks to the latest technology and Véronique’s talent, we can render almost anything: your logo in 3D, an object, or even a character. Creating personalised chocolates has never been so easy.

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Our Sugared Almonds

Comfort and tradition combine to enchant your taste buds… 
We offer a wide range of sugared almonds to mark the special moments in your life: a wedding, christening, confirmation or birth. 
Our selection includes chocolate dragées as well as sugared almonds made with the best kernels: Ferraduel almonds from France, Avola almonds from Italy and Alsace almonds from Spain … all coated with a thin and crispy layer of sugar. 
Don’t miss our selection of organic sugared almonds.

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