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“Making chocolate is an art and sharing art is powerful”

Come and visit our chocolate factory and dive into the wonderful world of chocolate. Let the delicious smell of chocolate surround you … breathe it in and let it transport you to chocolate heaven !

Join our guided tour: discover the origins of the cocoa bean and learn how our melt-in-the-mouth chocolate corks are made. We will be making them right in front of you !

You can buy these traditional Champagne confectioneries filled with Marc de Champagne or Ratafia on site in our shop.

People often ask me how I would describe chocolate. I tell them: “Both exquisite and exciting!”


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All our products are handmade in our chocolate lab which opens into the shop so you can watch our chocolatiers at work. 
All chocolate starts life as a seed. But that seed must go on a long journey, transforming first into a bean, then cocoa powder, then cocoa butter, and eventually the chocolate we love so much. 
Chocolate is our raw material so we carefully select the very best using both taste and manufacturing tests to ensure we can create a broad variety of delicious and high-quality chocolates for you to enjoy. 
We would be delighted to have you visit our factory and to help you discover each step of our chocolate-making process.

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"Nine out of ten people love chocolate, the tenth lies"

John G. Tullius

Have your chocolate and eat it, too!

Good news! Chocolate comes from a fruit, so it counts towards your five a day! At least a little anyway. 
Chocolate even contains polyphenols – the same powerful molecules found in red wine that slows cellular ageing. Not to mention all the minerals: magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus which are contained in chocolate and which contribute to our well-being. And let’s not forget that cocoa butter is good for your skin and is a type of fat which does not increase cholesterol levels.

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